Huisreëls / House Rules

Huisreëls / House Rules


  • Order must prevail in and around the hostel at all times.
  • Boarders must respond promptly to the bells.
  • Boarders must stand when conversing with adults and be polite at all times.
  • Damage to property must be reported to the house master immediately. It must also be written in the book for repairs.
  • The use of liquor and cigarettes or related drugs is strictly prohibited, as well as related unacceptable behaviour.
  • Leaving the hostel at any time without permission is strictly prohibited.
  • Clothes must be marked properly.
  • Rooms must be completely vacated during the holidays. If necessary, a store room will be available to learners who live more than 250 km from the school.
  • No boarders will be allowed in the hostel during school hours without the permission of the house master.
  • A hostel prefect will be on duty over weekends, to help with discipline.
  • The hostel prefects will do room inspection before breakfast every morning.
  • There are certain leave-in weekends when learners will be expected to support sport events.
  • Personal valaubles like money and cell phones etc.are the learner’s own responsibility and must be locked in his cupboard.  The   hostel can’t be held responsible for any losses.


  • Siektes moet tydens ontbyt aan die assistent aan diens/koshuisvader gerapporteer word. Die assistent gee dan hierdie name aan die matrone.
  • Doktersafsprake word deur die matrone gemaak en sy sien om na die welsyn van die kosganger in sy kamer.
  • Leerlinge wat by die skool siek raak, moet toestemming by die koshuisvader kry om koshuis toe te gaan.


  • All boarders (Gr 8-12) who want to go to town (on the other side of the river) from Monday to Thursday, must wear step-outs (white shirt/grey, trousers and blazer)
  • If learners want to go to the Spar (closest to the school) they may wear civilian clothes.
  • Over weekends, (including Fridays) learners will be allowed to wear civilian clothes when they go to town.


Geen telefoon/selfoonoproepe

  • na ligte uit
  • tydens maaltye
  • tydens stilte
  • tydens studie-ure


Daily arrangements

  • Daily leave must be arranged with the assistant on duty during breakfast.
  • No boarder may leave the hostel premises without permission from the house master or the assistant on duty.
  • If leave clashes with the study times, the boarder must study beforehand, after permission has been granted.
  • Each boarder is responsible for his own leave arrangements.
  • Leave for school activities must be arranged by the teacher responsible for the activity.

Permission to go to town

  • Boarders will be allowed to go to town between 14:30 and 17:00.
  • Special arrangements must be made with the assistant on duty beforehand.
  • Learners may go to the Spar after dinner, but they  must be back for the attendance register. After this, no learner may leave the hostel premises without permission.
  • No boarder may go to town after study or during study.

Weekend leave

Weekly boarders

  • Parent must indicate whether the learner will be a term or weekly boarder when checking in.
  • No weekly boarder will be allowed to sleep at his house (during the week). Permission will be granted in exceptional cases only.

Term boarders

  • Boarders may go home to parents or friends as arranged with the house master. Parents must give their consent via telephone, fax or e-mail.
  • Sign-out lists for the weekends must be completed by the learner by Wednesday evening at 20:00.

Other leave during the week

  • Birthdays: The boarder may invite two friends to dinner, only if prior arrangements have been made with the assistant on duty or the house master. Parents need to give their permission as well.
  • Above-mentioned arrangements are only possible if a learner has study beforehand.


  • Geen besoekers word in die koshuis toegelaat sonder die toestemming van die koshuisvader of toesighoudende assistent nie.
  • Geen besoeker word tydens stilte-tyd, etenstye, studie-ure of na ligte-uit toegelaat nie.
  • Besoekers gebruik die voordeurklokkie en wag in voorportaal.


  • All meals must be attended. Arrrangements for the day are given during breakfast.
  • Register for meals over weekends must be completed on Wednesday evenings.
  • Meals taken at other times must be arranged with the house master.


  • Kosgangers sit op bed, deure oop.
  • Absolute stilte word gehandhaaf: geen radio ens. nie.
  • Kamerinspeksie vind plaas.


The following appliances are allowed :

  • Radio / recorder
  • Bedside lamp
  • Fridge
  • Computer (if necessary) There are 4 computers available in the computer room
  • No: kettles,microwave ovens, frying pans, heaters and electrical blankets (for the fire hazard)


  • Toesighoudende assistent,  gee Vrydagoggend, tydens ontbyt, die naweek se reëlings aan kosgangers.
  • Kosganger moet Sondae `n kerkdiens bywoon(oggend of aand).


Kliek hier vir die beleidstuk oor dissipline en die demerietestelsel.